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Cycle Education 

Boston Cross Check Method of NFP

About Us

Hearts Aflame Fertility Education

Hearts Aflame Fertility Education seeks to show you the truth, goodness, and beauty of our bodies through our cycles. While that knowledge is used for making decisions for your family planning adventure, I also hope you can be empowered to understand your cycles and use that knowledge to understand and appreciate your body and your fertility as a whole. 

I have entrusted this ministry to St. Augustine of Hippo- you know, the guy who said, "Lord make me chaste, just not yet." Marriage, sex, fertility, health, cycles, bodies are not always pretty and neat and beautiful to us. If you are just coming around to the teachings of the Catholic Church, grudgingly or happily, if you feel like your body is your enemy or your dearest friend, if you feel like having a cycle and fertility is the coolest gift ever or the biggest burden, I want you to have a place here.  


What is Boston Cross Check 

 A Natural Family Planning method, assisting 

reproductive goals without side-effects, drugs, or internal devices

A true shared responsibility for fertility and infertility for Couples

Respecting and Appreciating God's design of a woman's fertile and infertile patterns

A way to monitor your reproductive health for insights into your overall health

A modern, flexible, and evidence-based form of Fertility Awareness


Ready to Start Your Journey of Cycle Education? 

Hearts Aflame Fertility

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